Thoughts: Matt Ebert

RE: No on 8: Stand Together

Nov 4 was bittersweet, and I am no longer content with piecemeal civil rights. This can not be won in parts. 8 proved what a disaster we face from the church and state. Continuing in the manner of one state - one issue is a defeated strategy. The No on 8 campaign failed to deliver (God Damn Apologist ads!), and went woefully soft on the issues facing sexual minorities. All I saw were those damn teachers telling us how they wont teach the lifestyle. BULLSHIT. We will teach children about separation of church and state, tolerance, and equality. Obama claims to be no on 8, yet he stumped against marriage equality, which anesthetized the debate and sank 8. Leaving me separate from my spouse and definately not equal to Barack and Michelle Obama. The Obamas go to bed a married couple, while my spouse and I and thousands of new families are in jeopardy. One minority traded up on another. With the familiar "Oh he had to say that to get elected" rap being foisted to further marginalize sexual minorities. Like Clinton before him, Obama appears poised to give us mention but no real substance. A good word in Chicago does an window in California make. 

A new civil rights policy must be achieved and we need it NOW. One that protects the right to marry and participate in the creation of our own families, one that decimates institutionalized homophobia in civic life and the military, one that protects the rights of sexual minorities from violence, segregation, and discrimination. We can not wait one more term to expose the machinations of intolerance and rip the church from it's tax free lunch. Yes on 8, and the curse of religion on the state, are anathema to a 21st century democracy fueled by change. Rip it to shreds.

-Matt Ebert, ACT UP

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