We providestrategic communicationsconsultation to corporate clients and leading social change organizations.

alan klein communications

From social justice organizations to corporations and from feature films to television specials, Alan Klein Communications offers the skills needed to place you, your message and your brand in the public eye. Alan Klein has a proven track record with traditional electronic and print media and with digital media.

Specialized consultation services offered by Alan Klein Communications include: public relations; brand and image management; crisis communications; social media and digital media consultation; and, information technology infrastructure design, implementation and management. 

Alan Klein Communications is committed to strengthening communication and improving workflow within small businesses, corporations and nonprofits. The result: A finely-tuned, focused message designed to change minds and influence our culture at large.

For nearly three decades Alan Klein has harnessed the power of media relations to achieve victories in the public sphere, both for organizations and individuals, artists and activists, corporations and their brands.

Alan Klein Communications understands the vast power and responsibility of speaking to the public via mass media. As a result, Alan's work has helped foster positives changes on America's cultural landscape with stunning success.

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